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Evidences of a World Beyond

            Legitimate religion is all about a belief in something beyond the physical world — not the quest for power and influence that is so often disguised by names like Christianity, Islam or dozens of minor cults.  Believers put their faith in something that gives hope that there is more to their existence than 70 or 80 years in this physical realm.

            Evidence that something does, in fact, exist beyond our plane of existence is found in history, in popular “unsolved mysteries,” in tales, stories and folklore from every country in the world.  It's found in third world countries and even in the sanctity of our own homes.

            The evidence and testimony of Jesus Christ is the historical.  Ghost stories are popular reading and speculation for many.   Manifestations of demonic activities are reported in Africa and South America where animism, voodoo and other spiritual activities are routinely practiced.  And in our own homes, nightly dreams transport us out of a place governed by established physical laws into a realm where the familiar mixes with the unfamiliar, real places blend into non-existent territories or warp space and anachronisms are commonplace.  The transition from waking to dreaming is often seamless.  Could this be a kind of echo or harmonic within our physical bodies of the world that lies beyond?

            At the edge of sleep / wakefulness there are intriguing examples of a mind flowing between two worlds.  In a half-awake state I imagined driving south on Washington Avenue in Minneapolis – a real place.  Soon, however, I veered to the left at a “Y” intersection that may or may not exist.  The road I was now on certainly doesn’t exist.  It led along what might have been the West River Road, but wasn’t.  Down several blocks the road ramped down toward the water, and I was fearful that I would drive right into the river.  The road then ended at a flat place that switched back with plenty of room to turn around.   But suddenly I was no longer in the car, I was walking along the switchback and down an enormous, elaborate maze of elegant wooden stairs.  I was reminded of medieval cathedrals and architecture, even though this was all beautiful wood in place of stone. 

            As I wandered through this mysterious place, I began to emerge from my sleep and was left contemplating the passage, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.”  It was the nearness of these images that helped me see a new image of God’s eternal, never ending presence.